Essential Oils

I  stumbled onto essential oils quite by accident. I am glad I did. I chose Butterfly Express  ( because they are of excellent quality and a great value. The employees and owners are oil enthusiasts.  I later came to love the Certified Organic Essential oils offered by Purify Skin Therapy.  (

I would encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about each individual oil. They have a very extensive list, each with a great description of what it is best used for and any application advice or precautions.  

I am happy to assist you in ordering or you can order directly using my affiliate links included above.

Rebalance. Restore. Reset. Rejuvenate.

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Experience holistic wellness through our diverse offerings, from revitalizing foot zoning and therapeutic essential oils to immersive online classes designed to empower your health journey.

Foot Zoning

Discover foot zoning – your stepping stone to optimal health and self-healing.


Unlock the healing secrets of your feet  – explore engaging online foot zoning classes.

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