Your First Visit

Never done this before?

That’s okay! There’s a first time for everything. 

Our goal is to help explain the process from beginning to end in a way that helps you feel comfortable, at ease, and ready for an amazing experience. 

Ready to learn more? Here are seven (7) things to keep in mind for your first visit.

01. Parking

See that blinking white dot on this image? That is where you will find the door to our facility – in the shopping plaza across from the Hamilton post office.

You can park in one of two locations: 

  1. EAST SIDE: Park alongside the road or in the public parking lot north of the post office.
  2. WEST SIDE: Park behind the building to the west and then come through the breezeway and you’ll find the office on the right.

Barefoot Basics Entrance

02. Welcome
As you enter you will be greeted with a warm smile, soothing music, and the comforting aroma of essential oils.
03. Paperwork

If you haven’t done so ahead of time, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork and go through a series of questions with Jeanie. 

Save time and enjoy the experience a little more by clicking below to fill out the form ahead of time.

04. Get Comfortable

It’s important to me that you’re as comfortable as you can be. 

Take off your socks. Don’t worry if your toes aren’t painted, if they smell funny, or if you just got off from work. It’s all good. 

I’ll wrap them in a warm, moist towel that will help ease the tension and make you feel more comfortable.

Barefoot Basics - Foot Zoning - Jeanie Robbins (3)
Barefoot Basics - Foot Zoning - Jeanie Robbins (5)
05. Choose a Setting

You get to choose which setting would be most comfortable for you:

  • Would you prefer to sit in a comfy, oversize chair?
  • Maybe you’d rather recline and have your head back.
  • Or perhaps you’d like the ultimate in relaxation by laying down and having a weighted eye mask to help you relax.
Barefoot Basics - Foot Zoning - Jeanie Robbins (1)
Barefoot Basics - Foot Zoning - Jeanie Robbins (8)
Barefoot Basics - Foot Zoning - Jeanie Robbins (13)
06. Relax & Enjoy

This is the best part!

Simply relax and enjoy. 

If you feel like talking, great! If you’d rather it be a quiet meditation time, that’s okay too. 

A session generally takes about an hour. 

Toward the end, Jeanie will apply some soothing oils to your feet that will have you feeling blissful for hours. You also have the option to enjoy the sensation of hot stones on your feet. She’ll then gently help you sit up and put your socks & shoes back on.

07. Payment & Scheduling

You can take care of both payment of services and scheduling your next appointment before you leave. 

You can pay with: 

  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Venmo

Cost: $70/hour

That's it! In about an hour you'll be feeling
rebalanced, restored, reset, and rejuventated.

Rebalance. Restore. Reset. Rejuvenate.

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