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Foot Zone Certification

Next Certification Session Coming Spring 2020! 

Classes for Certification course held at

528 Willoughby Lane, Stevensville, MT  59870

Wellness Life Zone views health as living one’s inherent blueprint of a “Thriving Nature”. This includes all 4 bodies of health; spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Whether you are looking to improve yours, or your family's health or you are interested in pursuing a career in Foot Zoning, our classes will AWAKEN inside what you already know, EMPOWER you to develop your gifts, and ASPIRE you to achieve your greatest purpose.

While most instruction is currently in-class, we include online student resources for study outside of class.  

NOTE:  Always consult with your health professional before receiving any therapeutic foot zone or other service offered by Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy. Our instructional staff and educational system cannot diagnose any condition, nor do we claim to heal your body. Our services help to bring your body into homeostatic balance; the body itself does the healing work.



(406) 360-7713

109 N 4th Street Ste 103,
Skin Spa Therapeutics 
Hamilton, MT 59870, USA

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