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Step into wellness with foot zoning –
Healing from the ground up

Rebalance. Restore. Reset. Rejuvenate.

Ever feel just, well – bleh? Or perhaps, you’ve felt …

Like you, I was searching for a way to promote wellness within my body.  I recognized that bodies are amazing and strive to heal themselves when given the proper nutrients and environments. The body is able to mend.  I had suffered from lifelong digestive issues. After only one zone, I was amazed to find the issues were alleviated and the issues have not resurfaced. 

I strive to maintain balance. I have a specialized set of tools that are effective.  I listen and put my client’s needs and preferences as a priority.

Healing ... from the ground up.

Certified & Experienced

I have certified with two different Foot Zone schools, completing practitioner and teacher training in both.  I am a lifelong learner. I continue to learn and find ways to assist my clients in achieving their goals. I take part in monthly classes to maintain my skills and learn from other practitioners’ experiences. I have over 12 years experience and have literally touched thousands of feet in the course of my journey.

Customer reviews

I have had problems in my feet for years resulting in numbness, swelling, and now most recently a diagnosis of neuropathy. I became aware of Jeanie and Barefoot Basics and decided to see if It could get some relief. I am so please with the results. I no longer have pain and with improved circulation due to my Foot Zones I am regaining feeling in my feet and toes. It took years to get to this debilitating state, however after each session I am realizing improvement in my feet. I am grateful for what Jeanie is doing for my feet​.
Age: 70's
I have been working with Jeanie for over a year now. She genuinely cares about each one of her clients and is very accommodating to ensure client comfort during the session. Jeanie strives to give her clients the best Foot Zoning experience with each appointment and is beyond competent and knowledgeable.
Age: 40's
I had just gone through a two-year, very high stress period and I felt drained of my Life Energy. I was hoping foot zoning could help me with healing some of the stress related health issues I was having. My internal organs have greatly benefited from reflexology. My body metabolism is functioning so much better now. Jeanie Robbins was able to pinpoint where I was having dysfunction and each session worked on different areas, as well as total body health.
Age: 64

Services & Learning

Foot Zoning

Discover foot zoning – your stepping stone to optimal health and self-healing.

Essential Oils

Explore essential oils, your gateway to a more vibrant, natural, and holistic lifestyle.

B3 Bands

An innovative way to experience heightened muscle growth, fat loss, and improved performance.

Reflexology Foot Massage


Unlock the healing secrets of your feet  – explore engaging online foot zoning classes.

Restoration starts here.

What They're Saying

I love going to barefoot basics! Jeanie is incredibly thoughtful and a joy to interact with. She has years of experience and is consistently continuing her to education on the subjects of zoning, reflexology, etc. I have seen many health benefits from frequent visits to her office. She has helped me with frequent headaches and menstrual issues. Her prices are fair, her location peaceful, and she is very professional.
Age: 20's
Jeanie was very accommodating and was easy to get into see. I have seen her many times, and have seen improvements in my health issues I was struggling with and also improved mental clarity. I highly recommend her.
Age: 30's

Rejuvenation starts today.

Common Questions

Foot Zoning and Reflexology both trigger pressure points on the feet that correspond to various areas of the body. Reflexology can tend to focus on one body system that might be having problems, whereas foot zoning treats each session by a complete systematic routine that incorporates the whole body. The main difference is the genealogy of the training program. Modern Reflexology traces it roots back to Eunie Ingham and Modern Foot Zoning traces back to Charles Eursal.

That’s awesome! You’ll love it. We have a page just for you to walk you through what you can expect. You can view it here where you can view additional questions as well.

I customize my pressure according to the client’s perference trying to aim for a 5-7 on a scale of 10.  The spots that are tender are individual to your body and usually correlate with disturbances within your body.

Each session is customized to the client. A client should plan for 60 minutes.

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