This is a UFZA approved certification course for those interested in pursuing a successful career in the holistic field. The Foot Zone Technique is a fun, rewarding career in which you get to make a difference in the health and well-being of others while providing a great income for your family.

This course is designed to AWAKEN your gifts, EMPOWER you to use them, and ASPIRE you to help lift and benefit the lives of family members and others. With instructors across the US, I am excited to be the Barefoot Basics Campus Instructor in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley.  Classes are held in Hamilton, Montana.

Foot Zone Practitioner Training

Training with Barefoot Basics as a Wellness Life Zone Certified Foot Zone practitioner is a fantastic opportunity. 

From this course, you will receive individual small-class mentoring with the hands-on portion of learning foot zoning. You will also have access to the expertise of Amber Jensen of Wellness Life Zone in a series of online anatomy lessons (these can be completed any time of the day you wish to study as they are prerecorded). 

You will have the option to join a bi-monthly group Zoom meeting with other Wellness Life Zone students from various locations.  In this Zoom meeting, we learn from other student practitioners and have the opportunity to share experiences we have had during our practice sessions in addition to the ability to ask anatomy questions of Amber.  Amber will also share a short K.I.T. (Knowledge Intent and Technique) class about aspects of Foot Zoning or anatomy that benefit us all.

The class structure can take one of two forms:

Jumpstart Method (Option A)

We meet on a scheduled Friday & Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm and I introduce you to all four (4) phases of foot zoning in one weekend.  You practice and return monthly to perfect your technique. 

In addition, you will be working through the online anatomy portion of the class.  It is suggested that you complete one unit a month but you are welcome to dive in and wrap up this section more rapidly if your situation allows.  I will set up a clinical day for you and your classmates to work on clients under my direction.  

The advantage of this method is that you can start in on your required 50 practices right away, thus allowing you to complete the course and get on your way to becoming a successful foot zone practitioner.

One Step at a Time Method (Option B)

We meet from 5:30-8 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays over the course of 3 months.  

During each session, you will learn a portion of the 4 required phases.  You will simultaneously be completing the online anatomy course outside of class.  It is suggested that you complete one unit a month.  You can, however, dive in and complete them faster if your situation allows.

I will set up a clinical day once you have learned the 4 phases for you and your classmates to practice on clients under my direction.  Following this day, you start your quest for 50-foot zone practicums. The advantage you get by taking the course this way is that it is less overwhelming to learn a little bit at a time.  The disadvantage is you cannot count any of your practice towards your 50 required foot zones until you learn all four phases.

As a local community of Foot Zone Practitioners, we also get together 4 times a year to trade foot zones and share some insights with each other and practice a little self-care.

A beautiful thing that Wellness Life Zone offers is that if any time you find yourself in Utah and they are holding classes, you are welcome to pop in and join their larger group classes.

Mini Classes

Class 01: Fascia System

Available via Zoom or in-person: $75

Are you familiar with fascia? Fascia is a sheath of stringy connective tissue that surrounds every part of your body. It provides support to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, tissues, organs, nerves, joints, and bones. When your fascia is healthy, it’s flexible and stretches with you. When your fascia tightens up, it can restrict movement and cause painful health conditions. The fascial system enables all body systems to operate in an integrated manner.
This class is amazing! I personally suffer with tight muscles and lower back issues. In this class, you can literally see a significant impact on the body within just a few minutes of triggering fascia points on the feet. I feel everyone would benefit from learning and implementing this simple technique.

  1. It is the most abundant protein in the world.
  2. Constructional fabric of the entire body fascia
  3. Connected with the flow of Chi
  4. Completes the ‘circuitry’ of electronic biology
  5. It is part of the acupuncture meridian system
  6. Involved in brain function
  7. Involved in memory
  8. Involved in communication
  9. Coordinates various structures and functions
  10. Connected with quantum physics

Each Class Includes the Following: 

  1. Booklet
  2. Video Access to a prerecorded video produced by Wellness Life Zone
  3. Gemstone Tool
  4. Hands-on-Training

Class 02: Energy Holds

Available via Zoom or in-person: $75

Our bodies are amazing bundles of energy. In this class, we will learn various energy reset methods as well as still holds to assist the body in its balance via meridians.  We will learn such things as chakra resets. As well holds for balancing the 4 bodies of Health: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  This class is a great way to learn to help boost energy.

Each Class Includes the Following: 

  1. Booklet
  2. Video Access to a prerecorded video produced by Wellness Life Zone
  3. Gemstone Tool
  4. Hands-on-Training

Class 03: Gemi Zone Seminar

Available via Zoom or in-person: $100

The Gemi Zone is a new technique that uses the scientific healing properties of gemstones. Anyone can experience the benefits of the Gemi Zone technique. It can be used on its own or used as a complementary modality with the Foot Zone Technique or with massage therapy. In this two-hour seminar, come ready to learn, play, experience, and implement this simple technique that anyone can do!

Each Class Includes the Following: 

  1. Booklet
  2. Video Access to a prerecorded video produced by Wellness Life Zone
  3. Gemstone Tool
  4. Hands-on-Training

Class 04: Foot Zone Basics

Sale Price $999 regularly $1,297

This course is for someone who would like additional tools to add to their current modalities or to use on themselves and their families to promote health. We will learn fundamental triggers on the feet. This class is 2 days of hands-on instruction. You also receive 1-year access to an instructional video.

Class length Friday and Saturday 10 am-4 pm

What is a Foot Zone?

free webinar -included with each class

Our bodies are comprised of magnificent healing systems! These systems are complex and interconnected, yet inherent within each of us is a blueprint of wholeness — a formula or code which guides us to our perfect “self.” This incredible blueprint is what we call the normal line of health, and it is the essential key to our ability to thrive!

Restorative foot zoning is a powerful, yet simple, and noninvasive technique that activates our normal line of health. Literally hundreds of pressure points — inherent signals in our feet — work together like a “switchboard.”  Restorative foot zoning “switches on” the entire blueprint of the body down to the cellular level. The blueprint, once activated, sends healing information in the form of electromagnetic impulses throughout the entire body, bringing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Can be a stand-alone presentation or parts will be included within the other mini classes.

Class Schedule

 Classes will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month and 2nd Fridays.

Rebalance. Restore. Reset. Rejuvenate.

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