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I have always been fascinated by the body and how it works.  I love that our bodies, given the proper environment and nutrients, can heal themselves.  Our bodies generate new blood as needed.  The body has the ability even to repair broken bones.

There is a joy that comes from seeing results on clients who come in with this or that issue and receive relief! It is truly an affirmation to touch a spot on the feet and have them say, “Yes, that is an area I have been struggling with.”

My Services

Foot Zoning

Discover foot zoning - your stepping stone to optimal health and self-healing.

Essential Oils

Explore essential oils, your gateway to a more vibrant, natural, and holistic lifestyle.

B3 Bands

An innovative way to experience heightened muscle growth, fat loss, and improved performance.


Unlock the healing secrets of your feet  - explore engaging online foot zoning classes.

My history with foot Zoning

My first introduction to Foot Zoning was when I was ten years old, and my family took a long road trip with some dear family friends. The woman had terrific hands and could fix any complaint my sister and I could come up with. I was utterly fascinated. Years down the road, I found a page in a magazine that detailed foot zone signal locations. I studied this and practiced on anyone who put their feet near me.

Next, I borrowed a VHS training series by Eunice Ingham and read her books. My subsequent exposure was when a friend introduced me to a friend who had recently completed a training course with SureFooted Renewal in Utah. I quickly signed up for these classes and made the treks to Utah to learn. I love it. Later, while attending the Utah Foot Zone Association conference, I listened to Amber Jensen, the founder of Wellness Life Zone Foot Zone Academy, teach about the fascia system. I knew I needed to learn more, and I signed up to make multiple trips back and forth to Utah to Certify with Wellness Life Zone. I am so glad I did.

I realized the impact that foot zoning could have on people and committed to the teacher training course to make it available to more people locally in Montana. I have appreciated each learning phase and look forward to sharing my skills with others interested in experiencing the benefits of a foot zone or those who want to learn.

Other Foot Practicioners

If I’m unable to accomodate your schedule, I am happy to refer you to one of these amazing people: 

Emma Mitchell

I have been fascinated with Eastern Medicine and being able to help my family since I was little. So when I had my first foot zone and was able to learn a bit more about what it was, I was immediately intrigued. With the help of my family, I was able to become certified, and with my family having a lot of health issues, I now have a way to help them. I have been able to grow so much through Wellness Life Zone's course and am excited with all I will continue to learn about the body through foot zoning!

Windy Lansing

I’m honored to have this opportunity to take these Foot Zone Practitioner courses with Jeanie. I have been blessed in my life to have worked with so many passionate people especially in integrativemedicine for a cancer institute the last 10 years. My personal journey started with Healing Touch which inspired me to become a facilitator; so much comfort and healing comes from within our own mind, body, and spirit. Looking forward to completing my Wellness Life Zone classes through Barefoot Basics in Early Spring of 2024.

Toni Lewis Clark

Owner/Operator of Ad-mire.V_Salon located at 217 Main Street in Hamilton, Montana. A biodynamic salon focused on bringing healthy beauty options to you from head to toe.


My name is Rosa. I have worked in the health industry as an RN for the past 15 years and am beginning my journey as a Foot Zone Practitioner. I am excited to be a part of this amazing health and holistic therapy. I enjoy helping and supporting people and would like to help you reach and maintain your health goals.

Julie Jessop

I have been on a quest of learning about the body for the last 6 years. This has lead me to study Visceral Manipulation, Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy. I am currently studying Biodynamic cranial sacral and Ortho-Bionomy as well as studying Foot Zoning using the Wellness Life Zone method. My goal is to listen to the body and use the modality that will best meet the clients needs. I would love to share my skills with you as I complete my Foot Zone Practitioner training.

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