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Essential Oils

​I  stumbled onto essential oils quite by accident. I am glad I did. I chose Butterfly Express  ( because they are of excellent quality and a great value. The employees and owners are oil enthusiasts.  I later came to love the Certified Organic Essential oils offered by Purify Skin Therapy.  (

 I would encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about each individual oil. They have a very extensive list, each with a great description of what it is best used for and any application advice or precautions.  

I am happy to assist you in ordering or you can order directly using my affiliate links included above.


Butterfly Express Essential Oils

Butterfly Expressions is focused on education and outreach. Providing education and understanding of herbal medicines and essentials oils is just as important as providing good quality, affordable products. Butterfly Expressions teaches a variety of classes


Purify Skin Therapy Essential Oils

The Purest Essential Oils

Crafted by Mother Nature

Our clients are active participants in their health and wellness; stewards and guardians who seek to protect themselves and their family's health. They are people who value healthy natural alternative medicines. When it comes to what they take into their body, only the best will do. Our clients won’t settle for essential oils containing toxins, pesticides, adulterants, or impurities. They use only essential oils that meet the highest criteria, that are verified organic and wildcrafted. You could say they have a nose for quality.

We, like our clients, are passionate about seeking out the very best — that’s why there are never any exceptions to our 100% certified organic and wildcrafted standard. We know all our hand-picked farmers, distillers, and suppliers worldwide and verify the purity of their certified organic and wildcrafted products with eight different quality tests performed by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

We know that a cleaner, healthier plant (one that has never been sprayed with toxic pesticides) produces a cleaner, healthier essential oil. The only oil that has been produced from a plant untouched by toxic pesticides can be certified organic. Every oil made from organically grown plants will have the USDA organic seal. If the seal isn’t there, it isn’t organic; regardless of what may be advertised. The top two grades of essential oils are USDA certified organic and wildcrafted*, these are the only grades Purify Skin Therapy carries.
” Wildcrafted” is when the plant spontaneously grows and thrives in its natural habitat. No one sprays these plants, and they are harvested ethically and sustainably.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Avoid jeopardizing your health with cheaper oils that are not grown organically and contaminated with pesticides. When you choose to Purify Skin Therapy’s organic and wildcrafted essential oils you are protecting your family from the toxins that lurk in the conventionally produced non-organic essential oils.

USDA certified organic & wildcrafted Premium Therapeutic Grade essential oils by Purify Skin Therapy are the purest, cleanest, most therapeutic essential oils available. Because of this, our oils are more potent, work better in your body, and there is no risk of them containing toxic pesticide residue. You use less and get far better results. These are not cheap oils you use to clean your house, these are the oils you want to use on and in your body, and with your family.

We know we could never make anything better than Mother Nature, so we ensure nothing gets in Her way. You are guaranteed we maintain these high standards with each and every one of our organic oils proudly boasting our Purify label and the USDA certified organic seal.

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