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What is a Foot Zone?

What is a Foot Zone? Within each of us is an innate blueprint of wholeness. Inherent signals in the feet map out this system and we treat the feet as a keyboard, triggering the entire map of the body. The signal is triggered through a Foot Zone, thereby the blueprint of health is awakened and knows exactly what to do. All systems communicate and work together through meridians in the body to maintain health. The practice of Foot Zoning is a powerful, yet non-invasive, and simple technique that quickly empowers the body bringing mental, emotional, and physical energies back to optimum health. A benefit to receiving a foot zone is our body’s natural healing ability is enhanced. Our bodies are amazing. The human body possesses an incredible ability to heal itself. When our body systems are not working well together we get away from that original blueprint and experience imbalances and poor communication between our body systems. Supporting our body's natural healing ability through Foot Zoning allows us to live a more healthy life! Enhancing our body’s natural healing ability, increasing our energy, improving our sleep, and experiencing relaxation are four great reasons to make regular Foot Zone treatments a monthly habit.

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